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Sampling Operations


TG&B Marine Services, Inc. has been in operation since 1986 providing a broad range of oceanographic and marine environmental sampling services to clients throughout the Northeast.  TG&B’s trailerable boats and barges range from 12 to 28 feet in length, and are well suited to support sampling requirements in coastal areas, harbors, rivers and lakes.  TG&B also charters several vessels up to 100 feet for offshore work.  All TG&B personnel are OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER-certified and are U.S. Coast Guard licensed. TG&B has worked for 

over 150 clients, large organizations

 and private parties alike. 

TG&B qualifies as a small business and has its main office on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  In a typical year, TG&B performs 50-60 vibrocoring studies and 20-30 other marine support projects.  TG&B provides experienced personnel and a variety of marine sampling equipment to accomplish the data collection requirements of diversified projects including: 

  • Vibrocoring services in support of pre-dredge and environmental assessment studies
  • Water and bottom sampling
  • Benthic collection services
  • Bathymetric and geophysical surveys
  • Underwater camera surveys
  • Port and dam security buoy deployments and maintenance
  • Oceanographic mooring services
  • General vessel support and positioning services  


 TG&B Marine Services operates a wide range of vessels.  The variety of work platforms we have available puts us at a distinct advantage.  

  • 28' custom built self-powered aluminum coring barge “Davison” - winch, A-frame, moonpool, remote spuds, DGPS
  • 25' work/survey boat (Parker) "Seaquel" - davit, winch, DGPS, survey platform, spuds 
  • 24' coring platform “Carolina” - winch, A-frame, moonpool, spuds, DGPS
  • 12' estuary platform suitable for vibrocoring in remote or difficult access areas, DGPS
  • 10' and 14' inflatables

Remote Access

Through out the years, as our client's needs have changed, TG&B has  adapted and provided sampling platforms and techniques to address those needs.  More recently, those requirements have included remote access sampling sites.  TG&B  specializes in providing innovative and versatile  sampling approaches.  Our smaller more maneuverable platforms are used to collect samples where access is an issue and boat ramps are unavailable.

We can design and build a customized platform to meet your remote access needs - please inquire.

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 TG&B Marine Services has developed a reputation as a quality provider of marine environmental surveying operations in the North East.  Our staff is prepared to discuss your proposal and requirements.  We are committed to meeting your marine sampling and support needs.   

TG&B Marine Services, Inc.

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