Marine Services          Since 1986


  Multidisciplinary Survey  Services, Connecticut River  

Over the last 6 years, TG&Bhas been contracted by AMEC to perform multiple sampling and survey services at the site of a former MGP plant in the Connecticut River near Springfield, MA.  In addition to vibrocore, bathymetric and diver surveys, TG&B has conducted comprehensive underwater video surveys to identify the extent of tar areas.  Data products included split screen integrated displays of the video and vessel track.

  Charles River Sampling Project

TG&B has provided a variety of sampling and bathymetric services in support of the Charles River Sampling Project. TG&B’s ability to provide a variety of boats designed for running surveys and collecting vibrocores in difficult-to-access areas was critical to the success of the projects.

  New England Harbors

TG&B has collected vibrocores in numerous New England harbors in support of the USACE dredging program. TG&B also collects the required sediment and water samples from the offshore reference sites for these projects. A partial list of the harbors includes:

  CT - Clinton, Gilford, Little Narragansett, Milford, New London, Norwalk, Saybrook, Westbrook, Greenwich
  MA - Boston, Cohasset, Danvers, Merrimack River, New Bedford, Plymouth, Westport
  ME - Beals harbor, Bucks Harbor, Machiasport, Vinalhaven, Wells
  NH - Sagamore Creek
  RI - Block Island, Point Judith, Providence

   Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

TG&B deployed and continues to maintain an array of security buoys delineating a security zone off the nuclear power plant located in Plymouth, MA. Located immediately offshore of the plant, the moorings are designed to withstand the challenging conditions created by onshore waves caused by northeast storms.

    New Bedford Superfund Site

TG&B collected 6.5 meter vibrocores throughout the outer harbor of New Bedford, MA and collected 66 other cores on a precision grid in a pre and post-dredging program to determine the effectiveness of new dredging technologies at this superfund site. Prime contractor: ENSR. 

    Boston Harbor Dredging Project

TG&B was approached to provide costing to collect a number of vibrocore samples in Boston Harbor. This project was for proposed dredging in the main channel and directed by the ACOE. Another vibrocoring contractor had previously attempted to collect sediment at these sites but was unable to get sufficient penetration or recovery. ACOE’s alternative approach was to mobilize a contractor from out of the region. The cost of doing this exceeded what the ACOE thought reasonable. TG&B reviewed the core logs and determined we could obtain the cores with our BH-6 Heavy-Duty vibrocoring system, and our cost was well under the previous alternate approach.

TG&B was awarded the job and began mobilizing. We identified an appropriate vessel for this task during winter months, a 50 foot self-propelled barge with articulated crane, and mobilized it to begin work within two weeks. The ACOE had pre-purchased over $15,000 of polycarbonate core liners from the original contractor and asked TG&B if they could use them, otherwise they would be wasted. They were not the same dimensions of the standard TG&B core liners but for a nominal amount of money the TG&B machine shop made the appropriate modifications to our tooling.

In a five day period, despite severe weather conditions, TG&B collected the samples, getting full penetration and recovery at each station. The project was finished on time and on budget. Prime Contractor: GEI Consultants


TG&B built, deployed and recovered 1000 meter moorings using RDI and Aanderaa current meters in the Makassar Strait offBorneo in support of an oceanographic program to determine currents for UNOCAL rigs working in the area.  TG&B also rigged the vessels that were used on the program. Prime contractor: UNOCAL

  South Coast, Martha’s Vineyard

In a project to determine a route to lay a buried cable to instrumentation in the Atlantic Ocean offshore Martha’s Vineyard, WHOI contracted TG&B to collect 36 vibrocores.  Water depths ranged from 7 to 24 meters.  A variety of sands, clay, peat and gravel were encountered in the three meter long cores. As part of the overall contract, TG&B performed penetrometer and shear strength tests on the samples and advised on the optimum route for the cable. Prime contractor: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

  New Bedford Harbor

TG&B established a precision navigation network, performed extensive bottom grab sampling and gravity coring surveys, and participated in a dye dispersion study in the New Bedford Harbor.  In addition, TG&B conducted current profiling and deployed current meter moorings. Prime contractor: Menzie-Cura Associates

  New England Harbors

TG&B performed numerous side scan sonar surveys and underwater video surveys to locate and map bottom obstructions at several ports and harbors throughout New England. A site survey in Salem MA included the use of subbottom, side scan, bathymetric and magnetometer systems to determine depth of burial of three pipelines under the harbor bottom. Prime Contractor: USACE.

  Boston Harbor Outfall Site

TG&B provided vessel support on the geophysical and marine archeological survey at the proposed sewer diffuser site offshoreBoston Harbor.  Side scan sonar, magnetometer and precision bathymetric data were collected as over 500 line miles were covered during the survey.  P contractor: EG&G WASC

  Site Surveys, New England

TG&B has been contracted directly by the USACE to perform site surveys including:

   Norwalk, CT:  Vibrocoring services
   Lamprey River, NH:  Bathymetric mapping and coring services
   Oak Bluffs, MA:  Bathymetric, subbottom profiling and sediment core sampling

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